Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents

Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents Attorney

Bicycle Accident AttorneyIt might seem the perfect place for an evening stroll or spin, but anyone who walks the Strip or rides a bike in Las Vegas is doing so in one of the country’s least pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods. When Transportation for America ranked the infrastructures of 52 major cities for their kindness toward walkers and cyclists, Vegas landed close to the bottom. A full 20 percent of this city’s traffic deaths routinely involve people on foot, and while its bicycle fatalities are considerably fewer, the resulting injuries can be just as catastrophic.

If you or a loved one has died or suffered physical harm at the hands of a negligent motorist while walking or biking, the accident itself could be just the beginning of your troubles. Without the help of an experienced personal injury attorney from Weiner Law Group, your subsequent medical treatments could last for years and might even lead to financial ruin.

Someone Must Pay the Medical Expenses

In any collision with a motor vehicle, pedestrians and cyclists alike have little protection against bodily harm or death. Many will suffer significant injury, and although the necessary surgeries or therapy that often follow such an accident are bound to cost money, the person or entity responsible for paying these bills can be unclear.  While auto insurance policies normally cover people who meet with disaster while driving their own motor vehicles, many fail to extend similar benefits to the walker or cyclist whose injuries result from a confrontation with someone else’s car. This leaves the burden of picking up the tab to the at-fault driver’s insurance, and if that should prove inadequate, any ensuing medical expenses could land squarely on the victim’s shoulders.

Types of Pedestrian and Bicycle Injury

Because nothing exists to protect them in a crash, pedestrians and cyclists hit by cars, trucks, buses and other motor vehicles often suffer devastating physical damage. Although it can involve any part of the body, the most serious medical problems often affect the head and back.

Lacerations, scarring and concussions are common, as are fractures to the arms, legs and pelvis. Amputations are sometimes necessary, and spinal cord injuries can be of sufficient severity to result in partial or complete paralysis.

Pedestrian Accident Facts

While it surely ranks as one of the country’s major tourist attractions, Las Vegas contains its share of dangerous intersections. Thanks to the city’s rapid and uneven growth, many areas lack the infrastructure needed to ensure the safety of those who travel on foot. As a result, numerous pedestrians, many of whom are local residents, die in traffic accidents every year. Most of these mishaps take place during the late afternoon and evening hours when the driver involved:

  • Fails to look for pedestrians in a crosswalk.
  • Rolls through a stop sign or red light.
  • Engages in distracting behaviors.
  • Makes a turn without checking for obstacles.
  • Operates a vehicle under the influence.

The majority of these accidents involve areas at which sidewalks intersect with driveways, alleys or other streets, and although most of the victims are under the age of 25, elderly pedestrians face a greater likelihood of succumbing to their injuries.

Bicycle Accident Facts

Despite the fact that Las Vegas has recently installed miles of riding trails and bike lanes to accommodate cyclists, those who commute by bicycle remain at a severe disadvantage to those who travel by car. Most accidents between bicycles and motor vehicles occur when:

  • A cyclist enters the roadway.
  • A motorist crosses a cyclist’s path.
  • A cyclist cuts off a motorist.
  • Either party engages in stunts or travels too fast for conditions.
  • Alcohol or drugs are part of the equation.

When colliding with any sort of motor vehicle, a cyclist risks serious physical harm or death. If your bicycle accident should result from negligence on the part of the motorist involved, a personal injury attorney from Weiner Law Group is your best hope for compensation.

How Weiner Law Group Can Help

As an innocent pedestrian or cyclist involved in a collision with a motor vehicle, you deserve the highest degree of compensation, and Weiner Law Group can assist you in getting it. The comprehensive investigation and accident reconstruction in which we routinely engage will assist us not only in choosing the most appropriate potential payer but also in weighing our options and deciding on the best plan of action.  If you or someone with whom you are close has been injured or killed at the hands of a motorist while walking or riding a bike in or around Las Vegas, an experienced attorney from Weiner Law Group can help. Call us today at 702-202-0500 or fill out our contact form for a consultation.

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