Consult an Attorney About Your Personal Injury

The idea of car insurance is a simple one on paper: A driver pays a company a monthly premium, and in return the company agrees to pay the expenses for any damage or injury that the driver might accidentally cause to others. In practice, however, things aren’t so simple. In fact, they are so complex that without a good personal injury lawyer on your side, you may well end up receiving only a tiny amount of money, if any at all, after suffering an injury on the road. This is why a consultation with the Weiner Law Group is one of the first things you should schedule following an accident.

Deceptive Actions

As soon as the responsible party’s insurance company finds out about the accident, you as the victim can expect to hear from a representative. They will probably seem very kind and interested in your condition, but rest assured that the entire phone call is intended to get you to accidentally admit or imply that you do not need compensation to cover your recovery costs. Instead of answering these questions on your own, get advice first from a personal injury lawyer that knows how these situations typically work.

Be Prepared

In order to show an insurance company that you mean business, your attorney will build the best case possible to prove that your injuries are significant and that they directly resulted from your accident. This takes lots of evidence, and the more you can provide the better. Video, photographs, audio recordings, witnesses, documentation such as a doctor’s report, and any other items you have that show what really happened will all help to get you a fair settlement as quickly as possible.

Why a Lawyer?

Many people have made the mistake of deciding that their case is so cut-and-dried that the insurance company will be sure to pay a fair amount without lawyers needing to get involved. That assumption greatly underestimates the determination of insurance companies to preserve their money. That priority takes precedence over your well-being, and you can expect a company to deny you the payment you need simply because you said, for example, that you “felt fine” during a phone conversation. The unfortunate truth is that an insurance company usually only deals fairly when faced with a personal injury lawyer that knows his business and is armed with a stack of evidence proving that it is responsible to pay for your recovery.

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