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Criminal Appeals

Criminal Appeals

Anyone that is convicted of a criminal offense at the conclusion of their trial should know that they still have options if they are unsatisfied with their outcome. A conviction in a criminal trial does not always result in the defendant going to jail. Every individual is entitled to appeal the court’s decision with a criminal appeal. Read more


Firearm Laws
Firearm Laws

An accusation of Assault with a firearm is very serious. It will not only result in jail time and heavy fines; but it could also hinder your attempts to get a job, a loan or even an education.

We cover the basics and what you need to know to protect yourself when it comes to the gun laws in Nevada. Read more


How to Post Bail in Las VegasJail info
Post Bail in Las Vegas
When you find out a family member or someone you care about is in jail, of course the first thing you want to do is to get them out of jail as soon as possible.

Posting bail for someone in custody in Las Vegas is a complicated and stressful process. But it doesn’t have to be. Read more and detail info here


Las Vegas Probation
Probation Officer

Probation is when you are out of custody but are still under the supervision of the court either through “good behavior” probation or probation supervised by a probation case manager.

The difference between parole and probation is that probation is a sentence that a judge can give instead of jail or prison time. Read more



Sealing Criminal Records
Sealing Criminal Records

In many states, it is possible to expunge, or completely clear, items from your criminal record. In Nevada, the most you can do is get the court to seal your records. The only difference is that certain agencies and prosecutors can still ask to see your records under specific circumstances. But in terms of your everyday life, you will be able to claim a clear record as if the convictions and accusations never occurred. Read more



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