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Driving Under the InfluenceWhereas most people equate a DUI with drunk driving, the charge is not limited to alcohol. Driving while impaired (DWI) could be the result of drinking, but it could also stem from using drugs. If an officer suspects that you are driving while under the influence of drugs, he will arrest you under DUI/DWI charges. Nevada courts take a hard line on drug use, so if you have been arrested on suspicion of drug use, you need an experienced DUI lawyer on your side as soon as possible.


If a police officer suspects that you are either drunk or high on drugs at a traffic stop, he administers certain tests to see if you are capable of balance and eye control. If these tests appear to confirm that you are impaired, a breath or blood alcohol test determines whether you have alcohol in your blood. If this test is negative, your arresting officer will assume that you are high on drugs.

The penalties and criteria for conviction of DUI/DWI are the same whether alcohol or drugs are suspected. However, if the police find drugs in the car with you, you will likely face a number of other possible drug charges, such as possession, transportation, use, and/or intention to distribute.

Proving Guilt

In a criminal trial, the prosecutor must prove beyond doubt that you are guilty of the crime you are charged with. In a DWI case, this means presenting hard evidence that you were impaired by alcohol or drugs, and that you were driving a vehicle while impaired. In order to get your charges thrown out, your defense lawyer needs to convince the judge that the prosecutor is not able to prove one or both of those accusations. For example, you may have been unquestionably high when the officer found you, but if you were only sitting in the driver’s seat and not actually driving the car, you are not guilty of DWI.

Expert DWI Help

At Weiner Law Group, we understand that people face unjust criminal charges all the time. We make it our job to listen to your story, go to work on your behalf, and build a strong defense against the evidence that the prosecution brings to the case. Our years of experience in the Las Vegas area make us uniquely qualified to help you get out of your legal trouble with few or no penalties.

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