Penalties for DUI

Las Vegas DUI ConvictionImmediately following an arrest on DUI charges, your mind naturally jumps forward: How will this change your life? What penalties do you face if the court finds you guilty? Will you ever be able to put those fines and jail time behind you and keep up with your plans for the future? The sentencing guidelines for DUI are complex, and judges have quite a bit of freedom when deciding what your specific penalties will be. This is why, if a conviction of some kind is unavoidable, you need an expert criminal defense lawyer communicating with the court during the sentencing process.

Possible DUI Penalties in Las Vegas

If convicted, you will face at least one, but probably several, of the following:

Las Vegas DUI Fines

This is the least serious part of a DUI sentence. Fines run between $400.00 for a first-offense misdemeanor DUI, or up to $5,000.00 for felony DUI.

Community Service/Treatment/Therapy

A criminal defense lawyer can often convince the court to substitute community service hours or professional treatment programs for jail time. The prosecutor wants to put you behind bars, but the court is usually willing to consider DUI alternatives if your attorney shows that you will benefit from them.

Jail/Prison Time

Going to jail (if your sentence is less than one year long) or prison is the worst possible scenario. At Weiner Law Group, we do everything possible within our power to help our clients stay out of prison. Even a guilty verdict doesn’t necessarily mean a prison sentence if your lawyer can push for other options.

DMV Action

The Nevada DMV takes independent action after a DUI conviction. Your license will be suspended or revoked for a designated period, determined by the nature of the offense.

Long-Term Measures

After you have paid your fine, served a jail term, or completed therapy, the court may still impose measures meant to prevent you from driving drunk again. You might have to check in with a counselor periodically, for example. A common technique is installation of a Breath Interlock Device, which automatically disables your car if your blood alcohol content is above a certain level.

Negotiating DUI Penalties

Some people lose hope when they hear the “guilty” verdict. Your life isn’t over; it just becomes more complicated for a while. Just how complicated depends on how effective your lawyer is in negotiating your penalties down to a manageable level. We’ve been doing just that in the Las Vegas area for years, and we look forward to helping you do the same.

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