Personal Injury Lawsuit Initiation

What is your impression of the lawsuit process? If you’re going by what you’ve seen on television, you probably think that both sides come to the courtroom holding secret witnesses, unexpected pieces of evidence, and widely differing stories about what actually happened in the event in question. In reality, things are both more mundane and more complicated than that. If you expect to come out with a fair verdict, you will need a talented and experienced Las Vegas lawyer on your side—just what the Weiner Law Group specializes in.

Preparing for the Trial

It is useless to engage in a personal injury lawsuit unless you know you have enough evidence and data to support your claim beyond doubt. From your perspective, a few cell phone photos and the word of a bystander might seem like plenty to prove to a judge what happened to you. But a good attorney knows that an insurance company is willing to pay for top legal help in order to try to discredit your witnesses, get your evidence thrown out on technicalities, and make you look like you are trying to get more money than you need from the situation.

Your lawyer will not only find and compile the entire body of evidence necessary to prove your case; he will also anticipate opposition and take the right steps to make sure that it doesn’t succeed. This takes a thorough knowledge of procedure and legal requirements, and it all must get done very quickly.

Pre-Trial Procedures

Before anyone enters a courtroom, there are extensive meetings that go on between the plaintiff (you), the defendant (the insurance company), their lawyers, witnesses, and the judge. During these meetings, the different parties discuss exactly what the demands are and what each side intends to prove. Witnesses give statements and the lawyers attempt to prevent the use of evidence that was improperly obtained or that violates either party’s rights in some way. All of these pre-trial meetings save time during the trial itself, streamlining evidence and witness presentation and reducing the chances of unexpected delays.

The Trial

Weiner Law Group is your source for an expert, locally experienced attorney that can lead you through this maze of legal speak, paperwork, and confusion. Once we have established the ground rules and ensured that your rights will be preserved, we are ready to go to trial and convince the judge that the insurance company needs to pay you enough to cover all of your recovery expenses.

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