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InjuredIn the state of Nevada and the country as a whole, business and property owners must legally present a clean, safe and risk-free environment to all who set foot on their grounds. In spite of this necessity, however, the number of injuries attributable to premises liability is high, and slip-and-fall accidents easily top the list.

While inattention to detail or simple human error undoubtedly cause some of these mishaps, far too many stem from deliberate failure to correct a treacherous condition or restrict access to a dangerous area. If you have suffered a serious slip-and-fall injury through no fault of your own, you deserve financial compensation. A personal injury attorney from Weiner Law Group can be of invaluable assistance in helping you obtain it.

The Most Common Causes of Slip-and-Fall

No two accidents will ever be identical. Nevertheless, all share some common similarities. The vast majority of slip-and-fall injuries owe their origins to:

  • Damaged steps
  • Broken sidewalks
  • Wet floors
  • Uneven footing
  • Icy conditions
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Deliberate violations of the safety code

If the failure of a property owner to maintain a safe environment has caused you or a loved one to suffer a slip-and-fall injury, you have the right to seek compensatory damages. Weiner Law will help you institute a personal injury lawsuit and fight to win you the reparations you deserve.

Injuries That Commonly Result From Slip-and-Fall Accidents

In any given year, slip-and-fall mishaps send an average of 9 million people on unintended trips to the emergency room. The commonest forms of physical harm suffered in slip-and-fall accidents include:

  • Sprains
  • Brain damage
  • Fractured hips or pelvis
  • Broken arms, wrists, legs, ankles and hands
  • Shoulder dislocations
  • Back or spinal cord injuries

Some slip-and-fall victims fail to survive their injuries. Others may face years of medical and rehabilitative treatment while the most unfortunate of all can find themselves permanently disabled and in need of round-the-clock care.

When such situations result from negligence or illegal behavior on the part of the property owner, a successful lawsuit can assist in freeing you from financial worries while you undertake the business of healing.

Proving Your Case for Slip-and-Fall

The Nevada Supreme Court has declared that anyone who possesses land is legally responsible for ensuring that all who set for on it by express or implied invitation must do so free of risk of harm arising from natural or artificial conditions that may exist on that property. Nevertheless, the plaintiff who hopes to establish negligence must prove a number of different elements. At the time of the accident, the defendant must have either owned or been responsible for controlling the premises on which it occurred. He must also have failed to fulfill one or more of his mandated responsibilities to:

  • Maintain a risk-free environment
  • Make needed repairs in a timely fashion
  • Post signs warning of any hazards
  • Block access to any dangerous areas
  • Comply with local safety laws

When considering your options, however, it is vital to remember that despite all evidence of wrongdoing, the courts will only hold a slip-and-fall defendant liable if the injured party had a legal right to be on the property at the time of the accident. Anyone injured while trespassing will ordinarily lose his right to recover under premises liability law.

Recoverable Damages

The damages for slip-and-fall will often include compensation for:

  • Physical trauma
  • Emotional pain and suffering
  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Diminished enjoyment of life
  • Rehabilitative needs
  • Home health care
  • Damage to property

In the event that deliberate and possibly illegal actions on the landowner’s part played an instrumental role in causing your slip-and-fall accident, the courts may additionally award you punitive damages. These serve not only to benefit you but also to punish the offender and discourage any future misconduct on his part.

Obtaining the Compensation to Which You Are Due

Every slip-and-fall accident is unique. Therefore, your best chance at receiving a fair amount of compensation rests heavily upon the assistance of a knowledgeable personal injury attorney. At Weiner Law Group, we will take pains to evaluate the elements of your particular case and conduct all necessary investigations to determine the extent of the property owner’s culpability.

Our team of expert lawyers is proud of its reputation for successfully resolving slip-and-fall cases, so don’t suffer any longer than you have to. Call 702-202-0500 or fill out our contact form and let the attorneys at Weiner Law Group assist in concluding your case in a fair and equitable manner.

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