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Wrongful Death AttorneyEach year in states and cities across the United States, approximately 90,000 individuals lose their lives through injury caused by the reckless indifference, negligence or intentional misconduct of another person. As tragic as this is for the victims, those they leave behind will face a double whammy of financial damage and emotional stress that can easily engulf and overwhelm them. Such people deserve a large degree of compensation, and through the timely filing of a wrongful death lawsuit, a competent wrongful death lawyer can see that they get it.

The attorneys at Weiner Law Group know how difficult a time this can be for you, and we hope in some small measure to help bring about a satisfactory conclusion to this terrible situation. While nothing can fully compensate for the loss you have sustained, we will leave no stone unturned in obtaining for you the monetary settlement to which you are legally entitled.

Frequent Causes of Wrongful Death

Strictly speaking, wrongful death can take place in any number of varied scenarios. Nevertheless, although no two cases are identical, the vast majority have their origins in:

Regardless of the specific cause, an experienced personal injury attorney from Weiner Law can help you obtain the remuneration you deserve.

The Common Denominator in Wrongful Death

Regardless of their specific circumstances, all wrongful deaths have one thing in common: Each resulted directly from negligent, improper or illegal behavior on the part of at least one other person. While no amount of money can bring the victim back, a wrongful death claim allows the survivors to seek redress for their emotional pain and suffering while helping to cover any economic damages that the death has forced upon them.

Who Can Legally File

The right to file a claim for wrongful death is normally limited to the deceased individual’s statutory beneficiaries. In the state of Nevada, this includes the victim’s children and surviving spouse or domestic partner. A personal representative of the victim’s estate also has the right to file, but parents can do so only if no child or spouse remains to survive the deceased.

Wrongful Death and Unrelated Survivors

Nevada also allows unrelated people to file for wrongful death, but only if they can prove a financial dependence on the deceased individual. This category includes stepparents and stepchildren as well as someone outside the immediate family who depended upon the deceased for support for at least six months out of every year.

Wrongful Death and Recoverable Damages

Since all claims of wrongful death constitute civil suits, any recovery will be monetary in nature. Charges of homicide against the allegedly responsible person, if they exist, involve punishments of their own and have no bearing on the right of the victim’s survivors to proceed with their civil suit.

While no amount of money can replace the person who has died, an equitable financial compensation can assist those who remain behind in paying their bills and getting on with their lives. Immediate family members can normally claim damages for:

  • Hospital and medical costs incurred by the victim prior to his death.
  • Loss of the person’s habitual wages and other work benefits.
  • Loss of inheritance.
  • Loss of companionship.
  • Funeral expenses.
  • Burial costs.

By covering the expenses and losses associated with the death, the receipt of meaningful financial restitution will liberate family members from financial worries, freeing them to focus instead on healing their emotional wounds.

Obtaining the Justice That You Deserve

Anyone who has suffered the loss of a loved one through wrongful death knows the emotional pain and outrage that result. At Weiner Law Group, we understand your suffering and will do everything in our power to obtain the restitution that we believe you deserve. In fighting to win your case, our experienced attorneys will use the vast resources at our disposal to thoroughly investigate your claim and expose the responsible party or parties. We will then present testimony and other evidence to prove that the actions of this party were indeed to blame.

If you suspect that your loved one’s death resulted from inattention, carelessness, incompetence or deliberate misconduct on the part of another person or entity, please contact the personal injury attorneys at Weiner Law Group. We will make every effort to obtain the greatest amount of compensation to which the law entitles you and help you as much as possible through this difficult time.

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