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Weiner Law Group is a criminal law and personal injury firm located in Las Vegas, Nevada. We began Weiner Law Group on January 1, 2013. Our attorneys are intensely dedicated to the causes of criminal law and personal injury and will do whatever it takes to help you win your case.

At Weiner Law Group, we are passionate about providing people with their constitutional right to a defense. Believing that every individual deserves a fair trial, we rigorously advocate for each and every client regardless of his alleged crime. Our ultimate goal is your complete acquittal. When you employ Weiner Law Group, you will receive:

Criminal Defense Experience

We have a wide range of experience in many different areas of criminal law. After more than 15 years of defending criminal cases, our attorneys have litigated everything from misdemeanors to murder charges and have dealt with numerous drug, DUI and domestic violence cases. We regularly achieve case dismissals, acquittals and reduced sentences for our customers. In fact, most of our clients find that the outcome of their case is much better than they could have dared hope.

Legal Insight

With over a decade of involvement in Nevada law, we are thoroughly familiar with the complex legal codes in this state. Consequently, we have successfully defended many trials that are unique to Nevada, such as casino marker cases. In addition, we have a personal relationship with many Clark County prosecutors, law enforcement officers and judges. This is tremendously valuable in understanding your accusations, expediting your case and obtaining favorable results.

Client Dedication

We are determined to win your case whatever it takes. Our main criminal defense attorney began his career as a Mohave County public defender, so he recognized early on the myriad of difficulties that can face a criminal defendant. Having seen many miscarriages of justice due to unscrupulous police officers and contrived evidence, he vowed that he would never let those things happen to his clients. He keeps that promise every day as he fights tirelessly to protect the rights of each customer.

Individualized Attention

In our small firm, we are able to give every case the individual attention it deserves. Rather than shuffling you to legal assistants, we will personally handle your trial. We will listen to your story and discover the best ways to fight for your individual case. Even if you are from another state and can not attend your trial, we will give you the same personal care. Often, we can handle the case from your home state through video chat and e-mail.

Free Consultation

We provide every initial consultation for free. If you have been accused of a crime, call our office at 702-202-0500. We will honestly evaluate your case and inform you of exactly how we can help.