Sex Offender Registry

In recent years, we have all become familiar with the idea of the “sex offender registry.” This is a public, searchable database that contains the names of people who have been convicted of serious sexual crimes and whom the court has deemed likely to offend again in the future. It goes without saying that you do not want your name on this list! At best, it creates incredible humiliation each time you move into a new neighborhood, go on a date, apply for a job, and file your yearly report verifying that you have not committed sexual crimes that year. At worst, it destroys your reputation and makes it impossible for you to advance your career and make anything meaningful of your life in society.

Staying Off the List

The route to staying off Nevada’s sex offender registry sounds simple: Don’t get convicted of sexual assault or a sexually related crime against someone under the age of 18. If you are facing charges like this, you need the help of criminal defense attorneys who understand this complex area of the law and can get your charges reduced to less serious ones or dismissed completely. At Weiner Law Group, we have been working in this area for years and know how to help you salvage your life from your current legal mess.


Although it might not seem like it at the time, courts and even prosecutors understand that circumstantial evidence does not prove that you committed a certain crime. If your prosecutor doesn’t have the absolute proof to convict you, he will probably be willing to settle for a less serious charge, like simple assault, battery, or even a misdemeanor like trespass. Once you have paid the minor penalties for one of these offenses, you can get on with your life without having your name included on the sex offender registry.

Requirements of Sex Offenders

Having your name on the registry can compound your legal troubles in a serious way. Even after spending years in prison, you will have to file reports and follow strict requirements about where you can live and travel. Missing a report or accidentally crossing a boundary is considered a felony and carries a penalty of additional years in prison. As you can see, once your name is on the list, your life will become drastically restricted and you will always have the possibility of more prison time hanging over your head. It’s worth whatever work it takes to avoid a conviction that will mark you as a “sex offender.”

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