Sexual Assault

Nevada law takes the crime of sexual assault very seriously. Depending on the nature of the offense and the age of the alleged victim, a conviction on sexual assault charges carries a penalty of up to life in prison, without the possibility of winning parole. On one hand, we are thankful that the law seeks to lock dangerous sex offenders away, but on the other hand, we recognize that circumstances, exaggerated claims of abuse, and unqualified criminal defense lawyers can wrongfully put people behind bars for crimes like sexual assault that they did not commit.

What the Prosecutor Must Prove

To convict you of sexual assault, your prosecutor must prove to the court beyond doubt that you had sex with another person against their will. If your criminal defense attorney is able to show that the actual incident stopped short of that result, or simply shows that the prosecutor can’t prove his accusations, the court will not convict you. At Weiner Law Group, we have the criminal defense experience to negotiate with prosecutors before the case goes to trial, compiling your defense and showing that we have enough evidence to successfully oppose the claims against you. If we can’t get your case dismissed altogether, we try to get it lowered to a charge that carries far less penalty and stigma than sexual assault.

Sexual Assault Consequences

In order to avoid fighting against a skilled criminal defense attorney, a prosecutor might offer you a plea deal: if you plead guilty to the charges, your penalties will be lowered. Remember, though, that even after your sentence ends, you will be registered in the public records as a sex offender permanently. Your relationships, jobs, and other opportunities will be hurt by this stigma for the rest of your life. There is really no reason not to fight the charges against you, especially when you can get the help of a lawyer with years of experience defending these types of cases.

Winning Your Sexual Assault Case

We understand that most alleged sexual assaults have few if any witnesses and little evidence. This means that a skilled prosecutor can assemble a body of circumstantial evidence that makes you look very guilty. However, a defense lawyer doesn’t have to prove that you are not guilty: he only has to show that the prosecutor has failed to prove his case. No matter what your past seems to say about you, you should not go to prison if you didn’t commit the crime in question.

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