Casino Marker

Every year, thousands of gamblers are prosecuted for casino marker crimes in Nevada. The vast majority of these people don’t intend to deceive the casinos, they simply get drunk and overextend their credit or have unforeseen circumstances that result in an inability to repay their debt. Unfortunately, defaulting on a Las Vegas casino marker is an extremely serious offense that can result in prison time without the help of a competent criminal defense attorney. See more at "Casino Markers, Everything You Need to Know".

Casino Marker Penalties in Las Vegas

Under Nevada law, casino markers are the same as checks. Unpaid markers are a misdemeanor if they are under $250, punishable by a $1,000 fine and up to six months in jail. Markers worth more than $250, on the other hand, are considered category D felonies, and offenders face fines of up to $5,000 and a mandatory prison sentence of one to four years. It is nearly impossible for a person to combat these charges unless he has an attorney who is experienced in dealing with casino marker cases.

Nevada Law And Intent To Defraud

The Nevada bad check law makes it a crime to obtain a gambling marker with “intent to defraud.” However, the law also assumes that any person who does not repay the marker intended to defraud the gaming institution. This means that even people who plan to pay for their Las Vegas Casino markers and have the money to do so are considered guilty of fraud if they do not actually make the payment for any reason. It takes a skillful lawyer to circumvent this law and avoid the state penitentiary.


Individuals outside the state of Nevada can still be charged with casino marker crimes. The District Attorney has the power to issue warrants to nonresidents for this offense and to extradite the accused individuals to Nevada for trial. Other states are required to honor this extradition, and many of them do not allow bail during this process. Therefore, it is vital that anyone who is accused of a Nevada casino marker violation retains counsel in Nevada before he is arrested.

How We Can Help

At Weiner Law Group, we are criminal defense lawyers with extensive experience working with the District Attorney’s office on behalf of casino marker clients. We have defended numerous casino marker cases, and we can usually convince prosecutors to reduce or eliminate charges. Many times, we can even get the case dismissed. We have been practicing law in Nevada for more than ten years, so we understand the legal atmosphere particular to this city and are completely familiar with unique Vegas laws.

Nevada casinos may be powerful, but we can still defeat them. If you have been charged with a crime involving Las Vegas casino markers, please give us a call at 702-202-0500 or complete our contact form before it’s too late.