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Jason Weiner Las Vegas Attorney

Attorney Jason Weiner, owner of Weiner Law Group, is licensed to practice law in Louisiana, Arizona, and Nevada, and has over a decade of experience working within the Las Vegas area’s unique legal environment. During this time, he has developed important experience with the prosecutors and Judges that are likely to be involved in trying the cases of his clients. Knowing the local system and how things actually work, as opposed to how the books say they should, gives Jason many practical advantages as he fights to win his clients the justice they deserve. Supporting his thorough knowledge of local procedures are degrees from the University of Utah, the Mississippi College School of Law, and through the université D’Aix-en-Provence in southern France. Jason gained his early practical experience as a public defender for Mohave County, Arizona and abroad as a clerk for attorneys in Marseille, France.

Jason’s law career is driven by a desire to see every client receive the fair treatment that he or she is promised as a U.S. citizen. He is committed to giving each individual’s case the careful, detailed attention that it deserves, whether the charge is murder, drug possession, or anything in between. You won’t receive this high quality attention from a public defender or discount lawyer, and you certainly won’t see the acquittals, dismissals, and reduced sentences that are the results of Jason’s energy and hard work.

When you ask Jason what drives his life as a criminal defense lawyer, his answer is simple: he likes winning. During his years practicing law, Jason has often been frustrated at the sight of accused individuals being wronged by manufactured evidence, vindictive police officers, and other miscarriages of justice, and he comes to work every day determined to right those types of wrongs. Given the high level of experience and the valuable personal contacts that he brings to your defense, that attitude should inspire confidence that Jason will fight every step of the way to win you an even better conclusion to your case than you thought was possible.

Jason specializes in criminal law, preferring to work in the courtroom. His areas of particular expertise are DUI and drug charges, domestic violence, and sexual assault cases. A father of two, he also has the unique understanding and perspective on juvenile issues that only a parent can bring. In addition, Jason’s extensive experience working in a tourist destination state prepares him for the unusual challenges of defending the case of an out-of-state defendant who is not able to be present at the trial. Often, through the use of video chat and other communication technologies combined with the confidence that their cases are safe in his hands, defendants can have their legal trouble resolved without even returning to Nevada.

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