Assault with a Firearm

Assault With a Firearm has no unique penalties for the use of a assault with a firearm. A firearm is always classified as a “deadly weapon,” which adds thousands of dollars and extra jail time to an assault conviction. In defending against assault charges, it is your attorney’s priority to make sure that you don’t unfairly suffer penalties for having a firearm in your hand or on your person during the incident in question. It’s possible that a responsible citizen with a legally concealed weapon could be convicted for assault with a deadly weapon, even though he was protecting someone else or acting in self-defense. Weiner Law Group has the legal expertise to keep that kind of mistake from happening.

Public Thought about Guns

Recent events in the U.S., such as shootings in public and raging debates over gun rights, have led to a generally negative view of firearms. This feeling readily makes its way into the courtroom, creating a prejudice toward you if you are trying to defend yourself against a charge of assault. If a gun is involved, you are in even greater need of a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney who knows how to steer the court toward the truth, not an inflated impression of you as a violent person.

Las Vegas Gun Laws

It is important to note that the use of a firearm can lead to all sorts of other charges. Gun laws are notoriously difficult to navigate, even for lawyers that have studied them in detail. There are rules about what kinds of guns you may own; how you may buy and sell them; how you can carry them; and where you can have them on your person. An example of this is that the gun laws vary from Las Vegas to North Las Vegas to Henderson to Boulder City. It is illegal, for example, to take a gun near school property. To avoid a long list of penalties stemming from these charges, you will need your lawyer to fight the prosecution’s efforts to prove that you used your gun illegally.

Fighting Assault Charges

An accusation of assault, especially combined with the use of a firearm, is very serious. In the short run, you could find yourself behind bars or paying thousands of dollars in fines. In the long run, you will find your conviction following you and hindering your attempts to get a job, qualify for a loan, enroll in a school, and even develop new relationships. In today’s information age, it is easy for anyone to find out what’s in your past. A conviction of assault with a firearm isn’t what you want them to see.

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