How to Post Bail in Las Vegas

When police officers in Las Vegas place someone under arrest, they take them to a local jail for booking. Next, a judge decides whether or not to release the individual on bail, and how much the bail amount will be. Unless you plan to sit in jail until your scheduled trial, you or someone else must post the bail money so that you can make arrangements at work; tend to family responsibilities; and engage a criminal defense attorney who will fight the charges against you.

General Las Vegas Bail Information

Bail money is intended to give you a good reason to stay in town and return to court for your trial. For that reason, it is always a significant amount of money, and often it is outside the ability of you or your family members to pay out of pocket. Some courts accept credit card payments, but the most popular option is to work with a bail bondsman. A bondsman charges a fraction of the bail amount to post bail for you, on the condition that you will return for your trial and the bondsman will get the bail money back.

Specific Information

In Las Vegas, there are several different courts, and each has its own policies, hours, and acceptable forms of bail payment. You can post bail at the jail or detention center at which you or your loved one is being held. Call ahead to make sure that your form of payment will be accepted and to check operating hours. More info on posting bail in Las Vegas. If someone you know has been arrested in Las Vegas and you are trying to find out where they are, the following jails are all possibilities:

Help With Posting Bail

If you need help posting bail, contact Weiner Law Group. We are committed to helping you put your legal trouble behind you, and that means doing whatever we can to help you through the bail process before we begin putting together your defense. Once you are out of jail, we will be ready to work with you to assemble evidence and witnesses to oppose your accusations. It can be frightening to face arrest, booking, and the expense of posting bail, but by hiring an expert defense attorney, you stand the best chance of getting your charges dropped as quickly as possible. If you need help with someone's criminal case or need more information about posting bail, call the Weiner Law Group at 702-202-0500 or fill out our contact form.