Domestic Violence

The term “domestic violence” includes several different criminal charges. Most people think of things like assault and battery – physical attacks or threats of attack on a spouse or partner living in the same home. Those charges make up a large percentage of domestic violence cases, but there are two other critical areas as well: child abuse (or neglect) and elder abuse. If someone is accusing you of any of these crimes, Weiner Law Group is ready to help you stand up for your rights and oppose unfair allegations.

Battery Domestic Violence

A charge of battery is considered domestic violence if the alleged victim is either closely related to you, shares living space with you, or is closely connected with your child (like a guardian or divorced parent). Battery domestic violence accusations are often difficult to prove, because there are usually few or no witnesses. A good criminal defense lawyer knows how to make sure that a “victim” isn’t able to exaggerate or make up a story about you without hard evidence.

Child Abuse

None of us like to think about child abuse, but the accusation is very common. Misunderstandings and deliberate lies put many people in the position of defending themselves against claims that they abused children when they did nothing of the sort. The emotional trauma of a child abuse charge makes it important to work with an experienced attorney capable of cutting through the talk and getting to the facts of the case.

Many people make the mistake of treating child abuse charges too lightly. The court takes this charge very seriously, correctly desiring to protect the most innocent members of our society. If you neglect to get a capable lawyer on your side, you may well face the loss of custody or visitation rights before you know it.

Elder Abuse

As the “Baby Boomer” generation nears retirement age, elder abuse has become an increasingly prominent topic. Family members often disagree on how their aging parents should receive care, and sometimes those disagreements escalate into accusations of abuse.

The situation becomes worse when dementia or Alzheimer’s disease is a factor, and seniors can’t clearly testify about what actually happened to them. A lawyer with a thorough knowledge of these complications is your best bet at preventing heavy fines or a prison sentence over no more than a misunderstanding.

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