Nevada DUI

Nevada’s DUI law is very complex. From the initial traffic stop by police to negotiating dismissal or reduction of charges, there are both pitfalls and opportunities for you at every step of the process. An accusation of driving drunk is nothing to take lightly; even if you were doing nothing wrong, faulty equipment and witness testimony could put you behind bars and leave a DUI conviction on your criminal record.

Charged With DUI? What To Do

The most important first step if you have been arrested for DUI is to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer who has handled many cases like yours in the past. There are steps your lawyer can take to cut the criminal trial process short and hopefully get your charges dropped, but time is not on your side. The sooner you tell your story to a defense attorney, the better chance he has of defending you successfully.

What Will Happen

Before your case actually goes to trial, your lawyer will have the opportunity to challenge the evidence and testimony that the prosecutor plans to present to support his claim against you. This is a critical point in the DUI law process; if your lawyer can show that the evidence against you is insufficient, unlawfully acquired, or inadmissible in court, the prosecutor will be left with no choice but to drop the charges. Quite often, our clients’ cases make it no further than this point.

What Could Happen

DUI penalties vary widely based on the number of prior offenses; any injury or death that was involved; and the judge’s view of your likelihood to drive drunk again in the future. At Weiner Law Group, our first goal is to prevent you from suffering any penalties at all. Sometimes a conviction is inevitable, though, and then we switch our focus to negotiating the penalties. If we can work out a solution, it’s possible for you to stay out of jail or prison, completing community service and treatment instead.

Failing to hire an attorney or going with a discount lawyer puts you in serious danger. If convicted, you could spend years in prison, lose your driver’s license, and find it extremely difficult to get back on your feet after you get out. We want to help you avoid those penalties and keep your life intact. Call us to find out how we can defend your rights and fight to get your charges dismissed.

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