In recent years, we have heard plenty of stories of executives and employees of high-performing companies siphoning off money for themselves. These embezzlement cases are highly publicized and capture the public’s attention, but the truth is that embezzlement charges face people in all different lines of work. Often, those charges are the result of misunderstandings or even attempts to frame innocent employees.

Dangerous Charges

Embezzlement occurs when a person steals something that was legally in his possession at one time. For example, if an employee is taking a deposit from his company to the bank, the money is legally in his possession. However, if the employee takes the money home and hides it, he is guilty of embezzlement. If the employee had simply taken the money from the company office, he would probably be charged with theft but not embezzlement.

Because the alleged victim in an embezzlement case is most often a company, an expert defense lawyer is a necessity. Companies protect their money very carefully, and if you have been arrested for embezzlement, you can expect an aggressive prosecution. Trying to explain the situation yourself in court is a terrible idea; you need a criminal defense attorney who knows your rights and is ready to fight for them.

Penalties in Nevada

If your company or an individual is accusing your of embezzling cash or property valued at more than $650.00, you face at least a year in prison if convicted. If the value of the property in question is less than $650.00, the charge is only a misdemeanor, but still carries a sentence of up to six months in jail and hundreds of dollars in fines. Obviously, future employment opportunities are extremely difficult for someone with an embezzlement conviction to find. Very few companies are willing to hire someone with a record of stealing, so you may have to wait several years before you can seal your criminal record and pass an employment background check.

Beating Your Charges

Being arrested for embezzlement does not automatically mean that you are guilty, and it does not automatically mean that the police followed legal procedures to the letter when arresting and booking you. To get the charges against you dropped, your lawyer needs to show that the prosecutor can’t prove your guilt, or that police officers treated you unfairly. At Weiner Law Group, we have spent years helping people get out of seemingly desperate situations and keep their lives on track.

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