Modern computer technology has given rise to a new and insidious type of criminal offense. It’s known as cybercrime, and even though many of the offenses involved have always transpired in one way or another, modern smartphones and ease of internet access have vastly simplified its methodology. They have also enabled these crimes to proliferate.

To some people, the activities in question may seem like nothing more than innocent fun and games. Nevertheless, it is currently against the law to:

  • Inject a virus into a computer system.
  • Access a network without authorization.
  • Steal services from an internet provider.
  • Use, damage, modify, copy, disclose or steal software or data.
  • Adulterate email content.
  • Commit a crime with the aid of encryption.
  • Hinder another person’s internet connection.

The range of cybercriminal offenses is quite broad, but each of the different types relies on computer and internet technology to get the job done. For the benefit of anyone whose fingerprints may reside on a telltale mouse or touchpad, the criminal defense attorneys at Weiner Law Group provide a rundown of what these crimes entail. The most prevalent are:

Identity theft To a cyberthief, someone else’s personal information is gold. A simple hack by a savvy crook will often provide a treasure trove of vital statistics from which to benefit in numerous unlawful ways. Identity theft could be one of the internet’s most-feared offenses. If you stand accused of having engaged in it, clearing your name will mandate the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney, and Weiner Law Group stands ready to help.

Phishing or spoofing. Those who commit this increasingly commonplace crime do so by mass-mailing deceptive emails that give every appearance of having come from well-known and legitimate companies. The hope is to trick unwitting recipients into revealing account passwords, credit card numbers and other private information that they can then employ for nefarious purposes. The punishment for engaging in this fraudulent practice will often include a jail term.

Blackmail and extortion. Although there is nothing new about using threats in the hopes of extracting money or something else of value, the cybercrime variety of blackmail attempts it with the internet’s assistance. The ability to do this under cover of an online alias adds a desirable touch of anonymity, making the perpetrator that much harder to catch. Penalties include sizeable fines as well as lengthy jail terms.

Hacking. In the least-offensive form of this crime, perpetrators use computers to gain unauthorized access to others’ email accounts. At its worst, hacking extends to the infiltration of networks, banks, corporations and even governments with the criminal intent of profiting financially or engaging in other destructive behaviors.

Electronic bullying. Chatrooms and social media sites provide an arena in which those who are intent on harassment can post unflattering or incriminating photos, leak personal information, start defamatory rumors, make libelous statements and even create fake profiles in the hopes of doing harm. As the criminal defense attorneys at Weiner Law Group are aware, the worst cases of cyberbullying take place in the form of hate crimes. For this type of harassment, the Federal Bureau of Investigation will not only collect statistics but also arrange for and conduct the prosecution.

Child pornography. Although this type of abuse has always existed, the internet’s ease of access has contributed to its growth and accelerated its spread, proving a boon to predators and child molesters alike. Nevertheless, those who engage in this type of illegal online behavior are committing a federal crime with serious statutory penalties consisting of fines and prison sentences that can for repeat offenders stretch in length to life.

How Can a Cybercrime Attorney Help?

The modern digital world has enabled the proliferation of numerous types of computer crime. Law enforcement responds to the threat with a variety of punishments ranging from restrictions on computer usage to heavy fines and lengthy prison sentences. If you face accusations of having engaged in cybercrime, you are going to require legal assistance, and you’re going to need it from a criminal defense attorney who can boast of past successes in this area.

That’s where the veteran criminal law attorneys from Weiner Law Group can help. Our deep understanding of the convoluted legal arguments surrounding cybercrime allow us to mount a creditable defense on your behalf. Cybercrime is no laughing matter, so if you stand accused of it, don’t try to go it alone. Call Weiner Law today at 702-202-0500 for a free consultation or fill out our contact form. We will stand by your side to fight the charges against you.