DUI Alternatives to Prison

At Weiner Law Group, our top priority is keeping you out of jail or prison. If it proves impossible to do that by having the DUI charges against you dropped or reduced, it doesn’t mean our work is done. If a conviction is inevitable, we still have some powerful tools to use on your behalf. The efforts of an experienced criminal defense attorney could make the difference between spending years behind bars and undergoing a series of programs that would allow you to retain control of your life.

Community Service

If you are convicted of misdemeanor DUI, it is highly likely that your lawyer will be able to convince the judge to order community service instead of a term in jail. Your lawyer will show that your offense was not an indication of an ongoing drunk driving pattern, and that placing you in jail would ruin your chances of bouncing back once you get out. Completing community service instead allows you to stay out of jail, live with your family, and even keep your job.

DUI Court

Despite its name, DUI court is not a court at all. It is a rehabilitation program, which requires the participant to adhere to a long list of sessions, tasks, checkups, and restrictions, including house arrest. DUI court does consume a great deal of time and will be the central feature of your life for a while, but there are significant benefits. Most importantly, DUI court is an alternative to jail and prison. Living at home under house arrest is far better than living in jail, even if you lose some freedoms. In addition, your attorney may be able to negotiate a reduction in your charges in return for completing DUI court. This change would have a huge impact on your future, minimizing the effects of a DUI conviction on your chances at getting employment, loans, and other opportunities.

Prison for DUI

There is nothing good about going to prison. Your life gets put on hold for several years, and when you get out it may be too late to put things back together the way they were. Fortunately, the state of Nevada does not necessarily want to lock you up—it costs a lot of money, and the court would rather see you complete a program like DUI court that would help you put your problems behind you for good. An effective criminal defense attorney knows how to use these facts to your advantage, negotiating to keep you out of prison while you put your life back together.

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