Sex Crimes

Facing allegations of a sex crime is not only dangerous, potentially carrying a sentence of years behind bars, but it can also be deeply humiliating. Having your personal life and claims of sexual abuse paraded before the public is something that you don’t ever want to happen. At Weiner Law Group, we are committed to hearing your side of the story, treating you with respect throughout the defense process and helping you retain your dignity. Our top priority is showing the prosecution that taking your case to court isn’t worth their trouble, convincing them to drop or lower the charges against you.

Important Factors

In most sex crime cases, there are a few factors that both the prosecution and your criminal defense lawyer will concentrate on. One of the most important factors is consent. If your attorney shows that the alleged victim may have given consent to your actions, the court should not convict you. The main exception to this rule is in the case of statutory rape: Minors under the age of 16 cannot legally consent to sex under Nevada law.

In prostitution and cases involving minors, police often set up “sting” operations to catch suspected sex criminals. Sometimes, officers in these operations actually do or say things that tempt a person to take actions that they would not take under normal circumstances. This temptation is illegal, and your defense attorney can get your case thrown out of court if he shows that you did nothing wrong until an undercover officer invited you to do so.

Types of Sex Crimes

Sexual assault is one of Nevada’s most serious crimes, carrying penalties of up to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Statutory sexual seduction (or “statutory rape”) involves sex with minors and could send you to prison for up to six years. Prostitution and pandering charges, while usually treated as misdemeanors, still have devastating long-term effects as they remain on your criminal record.

Why Get a Lawyer?

No matter how trivial an incident actually was, if it results in accusations of a sex crime, you need a capable criminal defense lawyer on your side. Many before you have been shocked to see the picture that a prosecutor paints of them in court, using the words of others and mishandled evidence to make them appear guilty. Underestimating the seriousness of sex crime charges could send you to prison and get your name permanently placed on Nevada’s sex offender registry.

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