Driver's License Violations

When a routine traffic stop leads to charges of a driver’s license violation, the result is a long legal process that will probably cost you lots of time, money, and frustration. Many people choose to simply plead guilty to driving without a license or on a suspended license, taking the penalties rather than trying to fight the charges. What they don’t realize is that, no matter how stuck they feel, they do have other options.

Rights Violations

Nevada law seeks to protect residents and visitors to the state by detailing exactly how police and prosecutors must act when charging someone with a driver’s license violation. The real-life truth is that police often fail to follow these procedures. If your defense lawyer can show the court that your arresting officer treated you unlawfully during or following a traffic stop, you case will probably be dismissed. This is true even if you actually were in violation of your driver’s license—if the police did not follow Nevada’s legal code to the letter, they did not make a legal arrest.

Procedural Issues

When the Nevada DMV revokes or suspends your license, the law requires that they notify you by mail immediately. A suspension lasts a designated amount of time, and after that time expires, police can no longer arrest you for driving on a suspended license. Quite often, the DMV fails to send notification on time, or the police don’t realize that your suspension has expired. It’s up to your lawyer to bring these facts before the court to get your case thrown out.

Why Fight Charges?

When weighing your options, pleading guilty might seem preferable to fighting charges in court. Especially if you are from out of town, the quickest way out may look like the best. But those penalties are probably higher than you think: Fines of between $500.00 and $1,000.00 are most common, and there is the possibility of a short jail sentence. In fact, if alcohol is involved, jail time may be mandatory. This is all besides the long-term complications of dealing with the DMV in Nevada or your home state.

We Can Help

The criminal defense lawyers at Weiner Law Group has the expertise to help you fight unfair arrest and charges. Even if you live outside Nevada, we can appear in court for you and argue your case. Stay out of jail, keep your driving record clear, and avoid a criminal record—call us to find out how.

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