Arrested at a Las Vegas Night Club / Day Club

When spring morphs into summer, the weather and the night clubs aren’t the only things heating up. In Las Vegas, almost every major casino boasts a pool, many of which are designated specifically to adults-only pool parties. It sounds like fun, and at these luxurious, modern-day versions of the old swimming hole, what could possibly go wrong?

The truth is that with the increasing popularity of age-restricted pool parties comes a spike in criminal arrests. You’re just as likely to end up busted in a bathing suit as you would be in evening attire. That’s because whether it is night or day, patrons at most Vegas clubs will find themselves partying under video surveillance. Furthermore, most arrests at these locations take place for one of the same five reasons: drugs, battery, indecent exposure, gross and lewd activity or breaching the peace.

Illegal Drug Activity

At many Vegas party spots, illegal drugs flow almost as freely as alcoholic drinks. Security is always watching, and for those whom they manage to catch, charges vary from a Category E felony for first-time drug possession to as high as Category B for those caught selling the drugs.

Possible defenses include having been:

  • Unaware that the drugs were in your possession.
  • Entrapped by law enforcement into selling the drugs.
  • The victim of an illegal search.

Battery at Clubs

When people get buzzed from drink or drugs in hot and crowded locations, flaring tempers often lead to fights. The crime of battery normally occurs when someone’s fist makes unwanted and deliberate contact with another human being. However, the mere act of touching another person against his wishes also qualifies.

Battery can range from a misdemeanor to a Category B felony if the action involved a deadly weapon and resulted in harm.

Defenses against the charge of battery include claiming that:

  • You were acting in self-defense.
  • The contact was accidental.
  • The complainant agreed to be touched.
  • You have been falsely accused.

Indecent Exposure

Skinny-dippers, take note: If your naked public exhibition borders on the obscene, you could find yourself facing charges. This is also true for people who view ripping the clothes off someone else as an acceptable form of amusement.

A first-time charge of indecent exposure amounts to a gross misdemeanor. Any subsequent charge is a Category D felony for which a conviction may additionally entail registering as a sex offender.

The possibility of proving indecent exposure will correlate strongly with the availability of concrete proof or credible witness testimony. In a he-said she-said situation with no hard evidence to back up the charges, the prosecution may have no choice but to drop the case.

Gross or Open Lewdness

There’s no need to take your clothing off to find yourself guilty of this one. If you enjoy such activities as groping other party-goers, rubbing up against people without their consent or engaging in sex where others can see, then bingo: You could find yourself under arrest.

The charge of open or gross lewdness is like that of indecent exposure in that first-timers are charged with a gross misdemeanor while repeaters are charged with Category D felonies and possible sex-offender registration.

Nevertheless, in the absence of sufficient evidence to prove the charge, the prosecution will have a tough time proving its case.

Breaching the Peace

Some call it disorderly conduct, and a variety of offenses fall under its catch-all cloak. Spoiling for a fight, blocking a staircase, incessantly yelling or engaging in any other type of noisy or disruptive behavior can be sufficient to qualify.

Breaching the peace amounts to a misdemeanor in Nevada, but unless the district attorney can prove that your actions were deliberate, you may walk free immediately.

They Have You in Custody: Now What?

If a day or night of clubbing in Las Vegas has left you facing criminal charges, don’t hesitate to call our offices for assistance. It is entirely possible that you were not to blame for the crime of which you find yourself accused. These places can be crowded, and due to mistaken identity combined with overzealous security guards, false arrests are far from unheard of.

Whatever the specifics of your case, we will use every means at our disposal to get the charges against you either substantially reduced or entirely dismissed. Don’t leave Vegas under a cloud. Call our defense attorneys at Weiner Law Group today at 702-202-0500.