Sealing Criminal Records

When you work with Weiner Law Group for your criminal defense, our top priority is to prevent a conviction of any kind and keep your criminal record clear. However, if you do have entries on your record, we help you minimize the damage that they will do to your present and future opportunities. Nevada law is different from that of most states when it comes to sealing and expunging criminal records, and the knowledge of an experienced criminal defense attorney is your best chance at putting those convictions behind you for good.

Expunging vs. Sealing Records

In many states, it is possible to expunge, or completely clear, items from your criminal record. In Nevada, the most you can do is get the court to seal your records. The only difference is that certain agencies and prosecutors can still ask to see your records under specific circumstances. But in terms of your everyday life, you will be able to claim a clear record as if the convictions and accusations never occurred.

Sealing Procedures

As with any area of the law, there is a huge amount of paperwork involved in getting criminal records sealed in Las Vegas. Before you even begin the process, you must wait a designated amount of time (between two and fifteen years, depending on the offense). When the time has elapsed, you may submit the appropriate forms to the court and wait for their decision. Any errors or omitted forms lead to long delays, so the fastest way to complete the process is to have a lawyer help you. There’s at least one other important reason to get a lawyer’s help: the court is not required to seal your records, even if all of your paperwork is in order. An attorney can speak to the judge, showing how your record will hinder your future and why it should be sealed.

Worth the Effort

Getting records sealed requires an investment of time, effort, and money. But the work will pay off every time you take a major step in your life, from getting a job to buying a house. Because criminal records are public, even your neighbors and new acquaintances can look up your record. If you make sure to get your convictions sealed as soon as possible, your record will show no entries and you will not have to live with a reputation as a “criminal.”

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