Trespass Defense

There is good news and bad news when it comes to trespass charges in Las Vegas. The good news is that it is only a misdemeanor charge, and judges rarely impose heavy penalties for convictions—although the maximum penalties of $1,000 in fines and/or six months in jail are possible. It is more common to receive a fine of $150.00 or so.

The bad news is that it is very easy to get arrested and charged with trespass. While the casinos, hotels, and bars of Las Vegas advertise a free, happy-go-lucky atmosphere, the truth is that security guards and managers often err on the side of ejecting guests that they perceive as being disruptive. The owners of a business have the right to tell any patron to leave, but when a visitor has done nothing wrong, he often doesn’t understand that he is being legally prohibited from returning. An honest mistake quickly leads to a trip to the police station and accusations of trespass.

Why Fight Trespass Charges?

If the fine for pleading guilty to trespassing is usually less than $200.00, why fight the charges? It may seem easier to simply pay the fine, especially if you are from out of town and need to return home. If you did not break the law, though, you should not have to pay a penny for trespassing. At the Weiner Law Group, we are committed to helping you resist an unjust accusation, no matter how minor it might seem. We are an experienced Las Vegas criminal defense law firm familiar with the local Las Vegas laws of trespassing.

In the long run, a trespass charge does stay on your record for some time. Applying for loans or jobs is complicated by a criminal record of any kind, so what seemed like an easy way out at the time will continue to hound you years later.

Trespass as a Lesser Charge

Often, when faced by an expert criminal defense attorney and a long court battle, a prosecutor will decide to reduce burglary, assault, or other serious charges to trespassing. In this situation, a small fine is preferable to a prison sentence.

Handling Trespass Charges From a Distance

The end of your vacation in Las Vegas does not necessarily mean that your legal troubles are over. If you neglect to address your trespass charges, a future minor incident, like a traffic stop, could lead to a nightmare of arrests and extradition proceedings. Fortunately, we can handle your court appearances and fight the charges on your behalf, while you return home to continue life as usual.

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