DUI Defense for Las Vegas Visitors

If you’ve found yourself charged with driving under the influence (NRS 484C) while visiting Las Vegas from another state, you know very well how quickly a relaxing vacation can become a nightmare. Unfortunately, without the help of an experienced DUI attorney, things could quickly get a whole lot worse.

That’s because you have no way of escaping these charges. DUI is one crime that will follow wherever you go. If you live any distance from Las Vegas, you’re going to need a skilled DUI attorney to help mount your defense. In most cases, Weiner Law Group can represent you after you’ve gone home, standing in for you in court and saving you from having to return to Vegas or lose any time from work.

Don’t Try to Fight The DUI on Your Own

The laws in Las Vegas are hardly as lax as some would like to believe. The city takes a particularly dim view of DUIs, and it does not intend to let an out-of-state visitor run away from the charges. In addition to paying the price in Nevada, you might find yourself doing the same in your home state as well.

That is, if you even get home any time soon. If you try to fight these charges on your own, you’ll have to remain in town to build a defense for use at your court appearance. Without the help of Weiner Law, you could find yourself forced to remain in Vegas far longer than you had planned.

The Dangers of Just Going Home

You might think that by returning quietly to your own home state, you’ll be able to put these charges behind you. This, however, is possibly the worst mistake you could make. Nevada will waste no time in sharing that information with the motor vehicle agency in your state of residence.

This is where things can get interesting. Although specific laws will vary from one state to another, you could easily find yourself facing the same penalties as you would if caught driving under the influence in your own hometown.

Furthermore, once the local authorities have your Vegas infraction on record, the simplest traffic stop could lead to extradition proceedings against you, even if years have passed since your Las Vegas arrest. You could even find yourself faced with charges of a second DUI for which the penalties are far more severe.

This is why it’s vital to refrain from leaving Las Vegas following an arrest for DUI without first putting your case in the hands of a trusted DUI attorney from Weiner Law. It could be your best and only chance of getting the original charges against you dropped completely.

How Your Attorney Can Help

A fight against Las Vegas DUI takes place on two separate fronts. While one has to do with the criminal case against you, the other concerns the possible revocation of your driver’s license. While defending you against the criminal charges, a skilled attorney can often delay that license suspension or prevent it entirely.

Of course, when you’re having your rights protected from a distance, you need to know that the attorney who represents you is willing to engage in close and frequent communication. At Weiner Law, we will never leave you hanging. Instead, we will stay in close contact by phone or video chat to ensure that you know what’s going on every step of the way. During this time, you will be able to conduct your life as you did before, free of all the difficulties you would otherwise have faced had you chosen to defend your DUI charge without professional assistance.

If the State of Nevada Finds You Guilty of DUI

Once we have taken charge of your case, we will make every effort to get the charges against you reduced or even dismissed. Nevertheless, if the state should find you guilty, your lawyer will then take whatever steps he must to convince the judge to transfer the requirements of your sentence from Nevada to the state in which you reside. This will allow you to fulfill its terms at home instead of having to return to Las Vegas to serve your sentence there.

If you are facing charges of DUI in Las Vegas, the skilled criminal defense attorneys at Weiner Law Group stand ready to represent you. Contact us as soon as you can before returning home at 702-202-0500 or fill out our contact form.