Personal Injury

After You’ve Retained a Personal Injury Attorney


Now once you’ve retained an attorney, all you need to worry about is
getting better. If you have health insurance, then that’s excellent. You
can go see your family doctor or whatever physicians are in your network
and your care can be managed by you and your doctor, over the course of a
month, two months or however long it may take.

The attorney is not really involved in that process. They sit back and wait
to see how the treatment progresses and they may check in with you or check
in with your doctor periodically just to see that everything is all right
and to ensure that everything is proceeding at pace. But really, your care
is dependent upon you and your physician.

Now for those who don’t have health insurance, the attorney can arrange for
you to be treated by a doctor who will work on something called a “lien
basis”. What that means is that the doctor will not make you pay anything
up front, but will just keep track of all of the expenses as they
accumulate and will ask to be paid when the case is over or when the case
is settled.

So if you don’t have health insurance, don’t worry about it. We can arrange
for you to see a doctor to get the care that you need, to get the
diagnostics that you need, to ensure that you’re on the road to recovery
and that you’re doing better.

In the meantime, what the attorney is going to be doing is contacting the
opposing party, whether they have an insurance adjustor or somebody in the
claims department is going to obtaining any information that they may have
on their insurance policy, in case of an auto accident – the policy limits.
Is going to obtaining from them any other information about the incident
that they may have. At that point, we’ll pretty much be sitting back and
waiting for you to finish your treatment.

Now once you are done treating, you let your attorney know, and we will
obtain all of the medical records, all of the billing records, any lost
wage information that you may have, if you have had to miss work. At that
point, we will assemble it all together into a packet, called a “demand
package”. We will contact the client, discuss what the medical bills are,
what the injuries were, what the amount of lost wages is.

And come up with a total demand figure, which will then be put into a cover
letter, with the medical records, the medical bills, and the lost wage
information attached and will be sent off to the opposing party with an
overall demand amount.