Personal Injury

Can I Still Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer if I’ve Started Working With the Insurance Company?

Injury Lawyer Las VegasYou’ve recently suffered a personal injury due to someone else’s negligence. Now, deep in discussion with the responsible party’s insurance company, you have come to realize that the compensation they offer is nothing close to what you deserve. This late in the game, do you have any options at all.

The answer is a resounding yes. No one needs to settle for lowball reparations, and if you suspect that a personal injury attorney could get you a better deal, it’s never too late to call in the troops.

How a Personal Injury Attorney Will Help

When an accident of any kind has caused you mental, physical or emotional injury, numerous concerns are sure to arise. Problems that seemed minor in the beginning have a way of turning serious. In addition, most people in this situation have little to no understanding of their legal rights, and if you think the insurance agent is likely to clue you in, you’re making a big mistake.

The insurer has only one aim in mind: to protect the bottom line. While you naturally want to achieve the largest-possible payout, the agent has a stake in seeing that you don’t get it. He protects the company by doing his best to keep you ignorant of your rights.

This means that to get the compensation that’s your rightful due, you will have to put up a fight. No one is better positioned than a personal injury attorney to help you in this regard, and the earlier you hire him, the better.

The adjuster will go to great lengths to determine:

  • How badly you were injured.
  • The extent of the defendant’s provable negligence.
  • Your chances of winning in a court of law.
  • The truthfulness of the witnesses.
  • Your criminal history.
  • Your likeability quotient.
  • The consistency of your story.

Any deception on your part could deal your case a fatal blow. Adjusters realize this and will factor it in when validating your claim. Fortunately, personal injury attorneys also understand the gravity of these matters, and they know how to answer the adjuster’s questions while presenting you, their client, in the most favorable light.

How Personal Injury Lawyers Help Their Clients Win

A 1999 study undertaken by the Insurance Research Council showed that personal injury plaintiffs who acquire legal representation have a distinct advantage. Victims of automobile accidents, for example, routinely win settlements that average 3.5 times greater in value when attorneys handle their insurance claims. Adjusted for inflation, this equates to a difference of about:

  • $7,800 more for neck injuries.
  • $28,500 more for broken bones.
  • $5,000 more for minor lacerations.
  • $12,200 more for general damages.

Another study by the All-Industry Research Advisory Council found that more than half of claimants were convinced that without the aid of their personal injury attorneys, their settlements would have been far lower.

What Early Attorney Representation Can Do for You

From the outset of your case, you’ll find yourself facing questions that seem to come from every side. If your accident was an auto accident, or otherwise sufficiently complex, the police will have some inquiries of their own. While you may not give your answers much thought at the time, the things you say in the moment could come back to haunt you later and possibly harm your chances to obtain a favorable payout.

Once you’ve hired an injury lawyer, though, you no longer need respond to these questions on your own. Your attorney is skilled at giving satisfactory answers while protecting your interests to the fullest extent. Furthermore, if there is a question of who was at fault, his services become particularly vital. In a state like Nevada, for example, any degree of culpability on your part will reduce your compensation by a comparable percentage.

Can You Afford a Lawyer?

Many personal injury plaintiffs fear that the fees attendant upon legal representation will not only wipe out any potential monetary gains but also leave them in a serious hole if they should come out on the losing end. However, here at Weiner Law Group, we will take your case on a contingency basis, earning nothing more than an agreed-upon percentage of your final compensation amount. If you lose your case or fail to reach a settlement out of court, you will owe us nothing.

The personal injury lawyers at Weiner Law Group are proud of their record in resolving the toughest personal injury cases to the satisfaction of their clients. If you have suffered similar harm and are currently embroiled in discussions with the responsible party’s insurance agent, remember one thing: It’s never too late to obtain legal assistance, and you won’t be sorry that you did.