Child Protective Services

If its actions matched the promise of its name, Child Protective Services (Defined NRS 432B.042) would routinely ensure, support and safeguard the welfare of all children under the age of 18. Unfortunately, its overzealous attempts to live up to that capacity have separated many a child from its parents for reasons that may be shaky or clearly lacking in merit. Such unwarranted actions violate the intended purpose of child protection.

Legitimate Reasons for Losing Custody of a Child

Nevada law insists that only in extraordinary circumstances can any agency remove a child from its home against the wishes of its parents, guardians or caretakers. CPS can only do so legally if it has good reason to suspect that the child is suffering from abuse or neglect. This will generally mean that the youngster in question has been:

  • Deliberately injured either physically or mentally.\
  • Sexually exploited or abused.
  • Abandoned.
  • Unsupervised or uncontrolled.
  • Denied shelter, sustenance or educational opportunities.
  • Refused the benefit of medical attention or other essential care.

When drilling down further on each of these points, a lawyer who specializes in child protection will often find that the alleged abuse or neglect falls short of meeting its legal definition. The true sense of such words as supervision, exploitation or abuse can be open to interpretation. The parent, guardian or caretaker who chooses to home-school a child is not necessarily denying an education, and one who seeks a recognized alternative treatment is not automatically withholding medical care.

What to Do if the CPS Threatens You

If Child Protective Services has falsely accused you of abuse or neglect, you now risk losing custody of your children. Since you will soon be facing an investigation or even a date with the judge, you must take pains to protect yourself. To be on the safe side, it is best if you:

  • Contact a Child Protective Services attorney immediately.
  • Keep records of every transaction that occurs between yourself and CPS.
  • Watch what you say. CPS can misconstrue or even manipulate your statements in the hopes of using them against you.
  • Refuse to allow CPS to interview your child or other family members privately.
  • Do not permit any agent of CPS to enter your home.
  • Say “no” to all attempts at drug or psychological testing.

When CPS errs in evaluating suspected cases of child abuse or neglect, the ramifications for the parties involved can range from humiliation and heartache to the complete disruption of the family unit. If any of CPS’s allegations against you should prove to be bogus in nature, you can count on the expert attorneys at Weiner Law Group to find that out in a hurry.

Termination of Parental Rights

When CPS takes a child from its parents, the hardship and suffering that result can be impossible to quantify. You are now in danger of having your parental rights legally terminated. In the state of Nevada, this can happen if the courts should prove successfully that you:

  • Abandoned, abused or neglected the child.
  • Are unfit to be a parent.
  • Have put the child at serious risk of mental, emotional or physical injury.
  • Have shown no interest in supporting or communicating with the child.

If Your Child Goes Up for Adoption

If the courts should terminate your parental rights, Child Protective Services will recommend your child’s adoption by another family. To forestall this tragic possibility, you will have to act fast. One of our CPS attorneys will make a thorough examination of the evidence to decide upon the most effective way to fight the allegations against you. Our aim is to block the adoption and help you regain custody of your child. Call Weiner Law Group at 702-202-0500 or fill out our contact form today for an immediate evaluation of your case.

Don’t Let This Happen to You

Remember, if its name were an accurate indication of its proficiency, Child Protective Services would have a perfect record of supporting and safeguarding children. Unfortunately, this agency has made its share of mistakes. If CPS has falsely accused you or advanced the unspeakable possibility that you might lose your child, it is imperative that you call Weiner Law Group at 702-202-0500 today. We understand that misunderstandings or vengeful actions by an ex-spouse could have caused the removal of your child from your home. We believe in getting all such children back where they belong, and we will do all we can to help.