CPS Case Plans

One of the most important parts of the Nevada CPS process is the case plan. This is a “roadmap” for you to follow in order to regain custody of your child, which you and your case worker agree on. The details of the case plan differ depending on the individual situation, but one fact holds true no matter what the plan is: unless you follow the plan to the letter, you stand a very small chance of putting your family back together.

You might be surprised to learn that a lawyer should be involved in your case plan. A brief overview of what this plan is and how it is created will help you understand how a Child Protective Services Attorney like Weiner Law Group can help you navigate it successfully.

Designing the Plan

Depending on how severe the accusations against you are, your case plan may be light or intensive. It may include things like acquiring and keeping a job; staying sober; attending therapy; or any other actions that the case worker deems necessary for you to demonstrate that you are capable of caring for your child. If you have little knowledge of what is “normal” in cases like yours, you will be unlikely to object to the requirements that the case worker establishes. You could easily end up signing an agreement that you will probably not be able to keep up with. If lengthy therapy sessions interfere with your job, for example, you will have to compromise one or the other.

Your lawyer has the experience to negotiate a case plan that you can reasonably expect to keep. At Weiner Law Group, we will make sure that CPS does not ruin your chances of regaining custody by imposing a case plan that you can not follow.

Keeping Up With the Plan

Your partnership with your lawyer does not end when you leave the courtroom. In addition to simply performing the tasks on the case plan, you must meet with your case worker to show and discuss your progress. Your lawyer will help you keep up with every item on your plan and show just how serious you are about getting your child back.

Having a lawyer from Weiner Law Group represent you is all about ensuring that no one violates your legal rights. When CPS is involved, it is unfortunately very possible that someone will try to tell you that you must do something that the law does not require you to do. Your case plan should be simple and easy to keep, and we aim to ensure that yours is.

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