Criminal Defense

Domestic Violence Defense

Domestic violence is an allegation that you struck your wife, your girlfriend, or someone you reside with. These are very serious charges because they can impact you at different levels.

If you’re convicted of domestic violence you can never legally own a weapon, or firearm again for the rest of your life the way the law stands now due to Federal effects from even misdemeanor domestic violence convictions in state court.

Additionally in Nevada, if you’re convicted of battering the biological parent, the other biological parent of your child, there’s a presumption that custody in you is not in the child’s best interest. What this means is in a divorce if you’re alleged to have battered your wife and been convicted of domestic violence for doing so, the court will presume that custody in your wife is in the child’s best interest, and will not give custody to you.

Therefore it is extremely important to defend yourself from these charges because they are often baseless. Often the other party, your wife, your girlfriend, the mother or father of your child will use these allegations specifically for that purpose, because they want the child and they don’t want you to have him or her. So they will trump up a fake assault, call the police, get you arrested, and try and get you convicted.

We are very good and have tremendous experience in getting these types of charges dismissed because they are false. You need a lawyer that can show the court, show the judge that this person is lying, and it’s tremendously important that you hire the right attorney to do that.

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