Criminal Defense DUI

DUI Defense for non Las Vegas Residents

If you’re from out of state and you’re charged with a DUI in Las Vegas, it’s very important that you hire a Las Vegas based defense firm and a Las Vegas based defense attorney because we know the system here. We know how it works in the courts that we have to practice in. An out of state attorney would not have the experience necessary in order to successfully defend a Las Vegas DUI.

Now, if you’re from out of state, obviously finding and choosing the right lawyer can be difficult. However, here at the Weiner Law Group we have tremendous experience dealing with DUIs, both on the municipal level, which is the city of Las Vegas, and in Clark County.

It is very possible for us to resolve these cases without you ever having to return to Las Vegas itself. Therefore, you can hire us, and you simply don’t have to come back.

For a lot of people, coming back can be a problem. It’s expensive. It cuts into your schedule. It’s time consuming, and you simply may not have the time to come back for repeated court hearings on an offense that you really need to fight due to its long-term effects on you.

Therefore, please call us at the Weiner Law Group at 702-202-0500 and let us help you.

It’s your future. You need to fight for it.