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My Insurance Company Told Me I Don’t Need a Personal Injury Attorney

Personal Injury AttorneyIf you’ve suffered injury in an accident that was not entirely your fault, you will soon find yourself dealing with the other side’s insurance agency. Despite their apparent sympathy for your cause, this company’s interests are entirely their own. They will say and do whatever they must to cut their losses, so don’t be surprised if they encourage you not to hire a personal injury attorney.

How Taking This Advice Will Hurt You

The insurance company’s initial settlement proposal for your injury might seem generous. They want it to sound that way. What they don’t want you to realize is that in many cases, a personal injury attorney might win you as much as ten times the amount of their offer. The insurance company knows this. It also knows that by dealing with you directly, all that additional money that could have been yours will safely remain in its coffers.

The Worse Your Injuries, the More You Need Professional Legal Assistance

The greater the extent of your injuries, the more likely you are to face this sort of pushback from the opposing side’s insurance representatives. Unfortunately, when your injuries are sufficiently severe to warrant surgery, a lengthy hospital stay or ongoing rehabilitative care, your financial responsibility is bound to escalate, and your compensatory damages will need to rise accordingly.

A personal injury attorney will see to it that you receive the maximum amount of reparations to which you are entitled. Not only that, but once you’ve obtained legal representation, the other side is bound to treat both you and your claim with additional respect.

A Minor Injury Today Could Be Major Injury Tomorrow

Although you may feel that the harm you have suffered is too insignificant to warrant legal assistance, your injuries may later prove to be more serious than either you or your doctor originally thought. If you only learn this after you have already accepted a settlement, you will find it impossible to gain the additional financial compensation that you then realize you need.

Nevada’s 51 Percent Rule

If your accident occurred in or around Las Vegas, you need to understand that since Nevada is a comparative negligence state, you will only receive 100 percent of expected damages if the other party is completely responsible for the accident that caused your injuries.

What happens, then, if you were at least partially at fault?

In Nevada, you can only recover compensation if your own liability remains below 51 percent. In addition, the amount of your settlement will rise or fall in direct relation to that percentage. This is where the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney becomes essential. You will have to prove not only the extent of your injuries but also the percentage for which their responsibility rests on the shoulders of the other party.

What the Personal Injury Attorney Will Do For You

Many Nevada residents have little understanding of their rights concerning comparative negligence statutes. While it will be imperative to show that the other side was mostly responsible, few people have the ability or the wherewithal to interview witnesses, obtain documentary footage and perform the myriad additional investigatory acts required to prove the extent of either side’s responsibility. Worse, without expert legal advice, it can be hard to know what fair compensation would be.

Naturally, the other side has a stake in finding you partially or entirely at fault for your current pain and suffering. Winning the maximum allowable amount of compensation demands the assistance of a lawyer who not only understands Nevada’s comparative negligence laws but also knows how to apply them to your situation.

Let Weiner Law Group Fight Your Personal Injury Case

When the other side’s insurance company tries to discourage you from seeking legal assistance, don’t be fooled into taking their advice. The personal injury lawyers at Weiner Law Group will go the extra mile to see that you win the full extent of the personal injury compensation to which the law entitles you. Don’t settle for less than your case is worth. Contact Weiner Law today at 702-202-0500.