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Marijuana DUI In Nevada

In Nevada, driving under the influence of marijuana is considered a DUI.

Now, while we do have medical marijuana cards here, they are no defense to driving under the influence of marijuana. The amount you have to have in your bloodstream here is extremely low: two nanograms of active THC in your blood, or five nanograms of the metabolite.

The metabolite will be in your blood for much longer than the active THC, and it can still remain at high levels days, or even weeks, after you’ve consumed the marijuana. Therefore, you need to contact an experienced defense attorney who knows how to handle these types of charges, because having the marijuana in your system, even if you’re not under the influence, just having the metabolites is enough to render you liable for a DUI. And if somebody is injured, it can result in you being actually sentenced to prison here.

You need to hire a firm that knows the Nevada system, that knows the judges, that knows the law. Please call the experienced criminal defense lawyers at the Weiner Law Group, 702-202-0500, and let us assist you.

If charged with DUI, it’s important that you work with experienced criminal defense lawyer. At Weiner Law Group, we’ll use our experience to make sure you get the best defense possible.