Criminal Defense

Should I Talk To The Police After An Arrest?

If you’re arrested in Las Vegas, it’s very important how you handle your contact with the police. If they want to talk to you, generally you don’t want to talk to them, especially without a lawyer being present. The things you say to the police officers while they’re conducting that investigation are considered admissions, which means they can be used in court against you to try and convict you of whatever they’re alleging you did. Just tell them that you want an attorney and do not speak to them about the case until one has been provided for you or you’ve had the chance to hire one on your own.

Now if they do arrest you and place you in detention, do not speak over the jail phone system. The jail phone system is recorded. What you say on that system can also be used against you in court unless you are speaking to an attorney. Then the conversation is privileged.

What happens in the initial stages of your case is extremely important to how your case can be resolved. If they have insufficient evidence to prove you guilty of an offense, you do not want to hand it to them by making statements without an attorney being present. This is what we do.

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