What Are your Rights as a Parent?

When Child Protective Services takes action and begins investigating the way your family works, it can easily feel like all your rights are disappearing before your eyes. As a parent, caring for your own child seems like a basic right, but if a call to CPS has resulted in a visit from a case worker, you are in real danger of losing that right. Even if you are faced with this disturbing situation, you do retain some rights during the investigation and hearing process. At Weiner Law Group, we are extremely familiar with your rights as a parent or guardian. We will fully use your rights to make reunification with your child happen quickly.

Hearing Within 72 Hours

If a CPS worker, responding to a claim of neglect or abuse, takes your child into protective custody, the state must schedule a hearing to take place within 72 hours and notify you of it ahead of time. You don't need to worry about your child "disappearing" into the system; you have the right to make your case and respond to any claims of abuse before 72 hours have gone by. To make the most of this right, you need to prepare for the hearing as well as possible.

CPS Lawyer Present at Hearing

You have the important right to bring your own lawyer to the CPS hearing. Why is this right so important? Weiner Law Group are Las Vegas attorneys who are familiar with Child Protective Services and procedures and can help you understand what is going on and how you should respond. We can help you remember to provide information that will support your case, and we will keep a close eye to make sure no one violates your legal rights as a parent during the hearing.

Respond to Charges

Your hearing is not meant to be a one-sided attack on your character, even if it might feel like that at times. You have the right to tell your side of the story, and you even have the right to ask the CPS worker questions. Again, a lawyer is your best friend at this stage of the process, as he can help you present yourself and your family in the best light possible.

Child Visitation Rights

During the time that your child is in protective custody, under normal circumstances you have the right to visit him or her. Exercising this right shows the court that you are serious about staying connected with your child and regaining custody, no matter what you have to do. When your child has been taken away, we understand that nothing else matters. You need an experienced cps lawyer who knows your rights and will work to get your child back into your home. Call us today at 702-202-0500 or fill out our contact form to learn more about your rights during a CPS hearing.