Child Taken By CPS

A visit from Child Protective Services is every parent’s worst fear. These days, it seems that the slightest misunderstanding can lead to a well-meaning neighbor or acquaintance calling in a report of possible abuse. Because the state of Nevada takes child safety seriously, it investigates each case that is brought to its attention, and if the worker in charge thinks the situation is dangerous for a child, CPS might take them into protective custody. Whatever mistakes or misunderstandings led to the CPS action in the first place, your response needs to have certain key features in order for you to end the disruption to your family’s life as quickly as possible. At Weiner Law Group, we understand the importance of getting your child back home. We are cps lawyers with extensive experience with dealing with Child Protective Services. We know the CPS laws and we know your rights. Here are some valuable tips for you to take to heart if you have found yourself in this situation:

Calm and Decisive Action

Contrary to your gut instinct, screaming at case workers and making threats are not useful responses to action by Child Protective Services. In fact, they hurt your chances, giving workers evidence that you have problems with your temper and can’t respond to tense situations appropriately. On the other hand, if you show that you are able to quickly and calmly assemble a competent response to what someone has accused you of doing, the court will be more inclined to take you seriously.

Hire a CPS Lawyer

Unless you are yourself a lawyer with experience in family law, you put yourself at a disadvantage by not hiring an expert to help you through the process. Your family is too important for you to simply trust yourself to navigate the complex paperwork and legal requirements successfully. A lawyer will shoulder much of the burden and prevent mistakes from derailing your chances of regaining custody of your child.

Learn Your Rights

You probably have more rights while going through CPS action than you think. You can still visit your child (unless the court orders otherwise), and you will have the opportunity to say anything that will support your claim that you are a competent parent and can keep your child safe and healthy. The more you know about your rights, the better chance you have of winning your case. Once again, your family lawyer is in the best position to quickly educate you on those rights and to help you make the most of them. In fact, when the court sees a parent hiring a lawyer, putting work into learning their rights, and trying hard to regain custody, it shows that that parent has a genuine, intense interest in protecting and caring for their child. Call us today, at 702-202-0500 or fill out our contact form for a consultation with an expert in Nevada family law.