Insurance Adjuster Claims Package For Personal Injury

In some cases, it seems like simply getting an insurance company to admit responsibility for an accident is the hardest part. In other cases, the insurance company quickly agrees to a payment, making a small offer in the hope that you, the victim, will accept it and give up the chance to demand more money in the future. In either case, though, the hard work has only begun. At Weiner Law Group, we understand the complexities of negotiating a fair insurance payment, and we want to provide you with the aggressive, skilled legal work that it takes to get you that payment.

Why Initial Offers are So Small

Why is negotiation by an attorney necessary? It all stems from the insurance company’s desire to preserve its own interests and pay as little as possible on a claim. No matter how bad your injuries are or how difficult it will be for you to get back on your feet, the insurance company wants to write you the minimum possible check.

An insurance adjuster knows that you will be quick to consider a lawsuit if he flatly denies responsibility and tells you that there will be no payment. Instead, he makes an initial offer that, to you, looks generous. Instead of going to the trouble of hiring an expert Las Vegas attorney, you might cash that check and go on your way. What the insurance company knows, though, is that the total cost of your recovery will be far higher than the amount of that check. You won’t get to come back and ask for more money when that happens; you only get one chance to collect a payment.

A Counter Offer

Your lawyer is the voice of knowledge that will convince the insurance company of their responsibility to make a more reasonable offer. With your counter offer, your lawyer will show just what medical bills and lost work you are facing, and how much the recovery will probably cost. Over the course of multiple meetings and negotiations, a final settlement amount will result.

The Next Step

Once the final amount is on the table, it is up to you, the victim, to decide whether or not to accept it. Hopefully, the check is large enough to cover all of your expenses. If not, the next step is litigation, and Weiner Law Group stands ready to take your argument to the courtroom if that’s what it takes to win you the payment you deserve.

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